Mr Harry Dugdale and his wife Sybil, commenced their family business selling bacon, eggs and cheese in 1938, and continued to supply the West of Cornwall throughout the years of World War II. Soon after the war, they were joined by their eldest son Peter, and their youngest son Roger followed into the business a few years later and the company of H Dugdale and Sons was formed and traded from Causewayhead in Penzance.

As the business expanded in Penzance and West Cornwall, the wholesale company of Penwithian Wholesalers Ltd was formed in the late 1950's from Causewayhead, to supply the local shops, hotels and restaurants with a comprehensive range of groceries, frozen foods, chilled foods, fruit and vegetables, and wines and spirits.

In 1968, Penwithian Wholesalers moved into their new "Wholesale Cash and Carry" at Eastern Green, Penzance. Both Peter and Roger worked in the business and were joined by Peter's son, Giles and Roger's daughter Amanda and son, Scott. They have each been working in the business for over 25 years. Penwithian Wholesalers have been delivering goods to customers since 1985.

As the years roll by, the business still has the importance of the its "family roots". We pride ourselves with our personal customer service.